Coatibles - Aniseed Rings

Experience a delicious twist on a classic with Coatibles Aniseed Rings in Milk Chocolate!

Indulge in the delightful chew of our signature aniseed rings, now enrobed in creamy milk chocolate for a taste bud tantalizing treat.

  • Unique Flavour Combination: The sweet creaminess of milk chocolate perfectly complements the licorice-like aniseed flavour for an irresistible sweet experience.
  • Chewy & Creamy: The satisfyingly chewy aniseed ring contrasts perfectly with the smooth snap of the creamy milk chocolate coating.
  • Perfect for Sharing:  individual packs and resealable bags, ideal for sharing with friends or enjoying on the go.
  • High-Quality Ingredients: Made with premium milk chocolate and finest aniseed rings for an unforgettable taste.

Coatibles Aniseed Rings in Milk Chocolate are perfect for:

  • Candy buffets with a gourmet touch
  • Unique party favours
  • Sophisticated movie night treats
  • Gifting to sweet connoisseurs
  • And any time you crave a delightful flavour combination!

Order your Coatibles Aniseed Rings in Milk Chocolate today and discover a new candy favorite!