Peanut Brittle dipped in milk chocolate. - Federation Artisan Chocolate

Our peanut brittle is a delectable treat that is made with only the highest quality ingredients. We start with carefully selected roasted peanuts that are bursting with flavor and perfectly crunchy. The toffee we use is expertly crafted to achieve the ideal balance of sweetness and richness, resulting in a satisfyingly chewy texture that melts in your mouth.

To take our peanut brittle to the next level, we add a generous amount of Federation chocolate, which is renowned for its exceptional quality and smooth, velvety texture. The rich, creamy chocolate complements the nutty flavors of the peanuts and the sweet toffee, creating a heavenly combination that is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Our peanut brittle is a classic combination that has been enjoyed for centuries, and we are proud to continue this tradition with our own unique twist. Whether you are looking to share with friends and family or indulge in a sweet treat all by yourself, our peanut brittle is available in share or indulge packs to suit your needs.