fudgey - Ghana 70% Dark Cacao - Origin Selection
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The Cacao Selected for this Exquisite Chocolate is grown in the worlds second largest Cocoa exporter. Due to the hot climate, sunny days with rich and damp soils farmers in Ghana grow some of the best cocoa in Africa. 

Quality and consistency is the focus for the Ghana farmers and the cocoa is renowned for its excellent quality.

Ghana Cocoa is very important to our chocolate production ethos as almost all cocoa in Ghana is grown by small independent farmers with less than 3 hectares of land who are paid directly for their produce.

Our Ghana Origin Selection chocolate is intense in flavour with warm spices and a aroma of coffee and roasted cocoa.

Savouring a small piece on the tongue will bring about the complex flavours from this chocolate.

Suitable for  vegan diets 

This product is also gluten free

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