M*LK Chocolate rich and creamy - Federation Artisan Chocolate

Rich creamy plant-based M*LK chocolate.

"I can not believe this doesn't cobtain milk" chocolate



M*LK Chocolate designed for taste and mouthfeel, for those that love milk chocolate but cannot have dairy or milk in their diets.

Our M*LK Chocolate is a totally plant-based chocolate, with no animal or dairy products in its creation or ingredients. A formulation of our FullBean(TM)  chocolate made from organic cacao sourced from Peruvian farmers and rice flour to create a creamy, rich and decadent chocolate.

M*LK chocolate doesn't contain dairy but has the mouthfeel of Belgium's richest chocolates. It is GLUTEN FREE and suitable for a VEGAN DIET.




Ingredients Sugar, Cocoa, Peruvian Cacao, Rice Powder, Dietary Fibre(inulin), soya Lecithin, Vanilla
Due to the same factory space used for many products this chocolate may contain milk, nuts