fudgey - Chili Cinnamon - Dark Chocolate - Sugar Free - Gluten Free
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High quality Dark Sugar Free Chocolate blended with Chili and Cinnamon

This Dark chocolate starts with an undertone of Cinnamon as the chocolate melts on the tongue more of that wonderful chocolate flavour will come through and then a touch of spice at the back of the pallet as the chili comes through will leave you with a heated glow.

We all want a healthier lifestyle, many people sacrifice the things we love to achieve this. Now you don't have to with our Sugar Free Dark Chocolate.

After 18 months of testing we have developed a smooth, velvety texture which is rich and satisfying. We wanted a chocolate for you that when tasted you could not tell that it did not contain sugar.

Our chocolate is made with a minimum of 56% cocoa and just the right amount of cocoa butter to give you that creamy texture you will love.

Always eaten in moderation (if you can) Federation chocolate is a treat for those wanting to reduce their sugar intake, such as those watching their weight, diabeties (Talk to you health practitioner) or quitting sugar .

Federation Artisan Chocolate has no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, is gluten free and full or flavour. 

Vegan friendly.