100% Cacao Organic Peruvian Chocolate - Federation Artisan Chocolate

The white gloves are out for these 100% cacao Peruvian bars.
Nothing else but Peruvian cacao and 72 hours or turning the organic beans into chocolate.

100% bean to bar chocolate is like nothing you have ever tasted before. You are hit from the first taste by the strong cacao flavour, very chocolatey but lingering woodiness and a slight flavour of berry. You are then struck by how smooth the texture is, especially when you know that only 72 hours before this was a hard roasted bean. The chocolate coats the tongue and as the endorphins in you brain are activated by the chocolate chemical composition your body gives in to the richness and the desire to consume the next piece.

Even without sugar, the flavour surpasses the thought of the need for added sweetness.
Yes, this ones pretty healthy for you. If you don't believe me check out the recent research on cacao.

The white glove is for effect, but I have to say this chocolate is pretty special and deserves a bit of fanciness.

Avaliable By order only.