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About Us

Federation Artisan Chocolate on the Tasman Peninsula.

Come meet the Chocolate Makers.

Owners Maurice and Helen Curtis have a passion for chocolate that goes beyond just flavour as we believe the best chocolate will change the world.

We find Cacao from all over the world, it must be sustainable and ethical to make it to our premium chocolate products.

Did you know Federation Chocolate is a Bean to Bar Craft Chocolate maker?

Makers of TWO - our TWO ingredient Bean to Bar Craft Chocolate.

The amazing flavours of this chocolate comes from beans sourced from small farms from around the Cacao growing world. We make sure that farmers are paid fair prices from the toil of their hands.

Not just a chocolatier but Chocolate Makers and lovers

Maurice has a great love for chocolate, remembering his excursions to the local chocolate factory as a child and being amazed in the sensory experience that these visits brought. 

Maurice and Helen now want to bring that experience to you, when you visit the Federation Chocolate Factory on the Tasman Peninsula. 

As you walk into the building allow your senses to be taken over by the smells of freshly roasted Cacao, allow your taste buds to be awakened by tasting the many difference chocolates made from Cacao beans from all over the world.

Its all because Maurice and Helen love chocolate as much as you. They search the world for the finest cocoa to produce decadent memorable chocolate sensations. So you can take a trip around the world from the Chocolate kitchen, sampling chocolate from Papua New Guinea, Tanzania or Madagascar.

Your will find us just 10 minutes before you reach the Port Arthur Historic Site.

This is a unique chocolate experience where you can see the rich creamy chocolate being hand made, taste the end result and buy direct from this family business.

Uterlising Cacao from small farms holdings, predominately Peru, Venezuela, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon islands.

Organic and Free trade varieties. 

Ever sampled Australian Grown Cacao? Federation Artisan Chocolate Proudly supports Australian Famers and producers and creates a range of Chocolates made from Cacao grown in Australia.

Fudge and Nougat are also made on the premises and you can enjoy a hot cup of Chocolate Desire, our own blend of chocolate that includes our Papua New Guinea Dark Chocolate as you watch our chocolatiers lovingly create daily.


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