4 Pillars Chocolate block - Federation Artisan Chocolate
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Our Four Pillars Chocolate is a large block of chocolate goodness, hand poured and moulded in our factory.

Containing the 4 types of chocolate.

  • Peruvian Dark - cacao sourced directly from Peruvian farmers situated close to the Amazon jungle. They grow their cacao with sustainable farming practices. Their cacao is certified organic.
  • Rich milk - the combination of Papua New Guinea cacao and Belgium milk chocolate gives our milk chocolate the edge. Supporting our closest neighbour by purchasing their cacao is something we are very proud of.
  • Pure cacao butter white chocolate. When choosing white chocolate it must contain cacao butter. Our white chocolate is made to the Belgium standard. Rich, creamy and full of vanilla flavour.
  • Ruby - it's the 4th pillar or variety of chocolate. Fruity, sweet unique, there is nothing like our ruby chocolate.

Our chocolate is gluten-free

Milk, white and ruby chocolate contain dairy.