Chocolate Stout Infused
Chocolate Stout Infused Chocolate Stout Infused


An amazing journey for a deep rich flavour chocolate.

75% Dark chocolate with complex flavours of bitter chocolate stout.

Our chocolate comes full circle.

From cacao beans grown in Peru close to the Amazon jungle by small family farms. Sent to us in Australia where the beans are Roasted and nibs created....

Then those nibs are sent to our friends at Helios Brewing company, where they make their amazing Hades Chocolate stout.

Then the stout is sent  to us
We pour it in to our Peruvian cacao beans, wait 90 days, roast, create cacao liquor, add Australian raw sugar, create liquid chocolate (70+ hours), age, then temperature the chocolate and pour into blocks...

Then savour and enjoy.

What a journey for this amazing chocolate, what character of flavour we have created.