Derwent Distillery Whisky infused cacao bar. (Very limited release)

3 months in the making, our infused cacao range sells out so quickly.

Time to create flavour is everything.

The whisky from Derwent Distillery that the cacao beans have been infused with was created to reflect flavours of traditional desserts like boozy trifle with spiced vanilla, rich toasted gingerbread and home-made custard. A golden whisky with a tint of rouge, smelling of brown sugar, macadamia nut and nutmeg. How well do these flavours meld with our Peruvian organic chocolate? We asked a number of chocolate aficionados....

"Oh my goodness... oh my goodness.... oh my goodness"

"Chocolate take me to heaven"

"How does chocolate flavour become so complex?"

"O....... m......g"

"Mhphp mgup mhy"

Vegan friendly and gluten free made from bean to bar here in Hobart Tasmania.