No Milk "Milk" Chocolate Turkish Delight
No Milk "Milk" Chocolate Turkish Delight M*LK Chocolate Covered Turkish Delight
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Do you love Turkish Delight? I sure do.......

One of my chocolate memories was reading the lion the witch and the wardrobe and the child with the overwhelming craving for Turkish delight.

I knew exactly what it meant to have that craving the rose flavoured treat, for me was also wrapped in milk chocolate.

Our Turkish delight is a traditional recipe made with cornflour and has that distinct rose flavour.

We know that these days people for various reasons have a dairy-free diet, but still love the creaminess that comes from it. We know you may not always want Dark chocolate.

So we have been working hard to create the creaminess and decadence that comes from milk chocolate but in a milk alternative. Starting with our Full Bean Chocolate we have created the first in our range of No Milk, "milk" chocolate treats.

Our No Milk, "milk" chocolate is not only Vegan friendly but its also Gluten-free.


Why don't we call our M*LK chocolate dairy-free? This is so that those people with allergies to dairy know they need to be careful as even though we use separate equipment to make each chocolate type, our Chocolate factory space also makes products that contain Milk (and nuts and eggs) and since we are a small-batch chocolate maker we do not have the ability to test every batch of chocolate for these food types.