fudgey - Organic Cacao Nibs - Origin Peru - 500 gram
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Federation Chocolate uses high-quality Chocolate grade cacao nibs sourced from Junin in Peru, which are exceptionally flavored and superior to those found in health food stores. These nibs are gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and sugar-free, making them an ideal option for health-conscious individuals.

They are now available to buy direct from us.

The cacao used by Federation Chocolate comes from small farm holdings owned by local farming families who have a deep connection to the land. These families grow the cacao organically, without the use of pesticides or fertilizers, to ensure that there is no impact on the Amazon rainforest.

Cacao is the original source of natural chocolate, and it is derived from the seeds of the cacao tree's fruit. This superfood contains a range of unique phytonutrients, including high amounts of sulfur, magnesium, and phenylethylamine, which provide numerous benefits, such as improving focus and alertness and promoting a positive mood.

Cacao nibs have more antioxidant activity than tea, wine, blueberries, and even goji berries. The flavonoids in cacao are responsible for these properties, making it an exceptional ingredient for health-conscious individuals.

The versatility of cacao nibs is another reason they are so popular. You can use them to make your own chocolate, blend them into smoothies for an antioxidant boost and rich chocolate flavor, use them instead of chocolate chips in recipes for a sugar-free and nutrient-rich alternative, add them to ice cream, and sprinkle them over your favorite breakfast cereal.