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We source ethical Cacao beans to handcraft our chocolate from bean right through to our chocolates and bars.

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Benefits of Dark Chocolate - its very nutritious.

Benefits of Dark Chocolate -  its very nutritious.

Celebrate world chocolate day with us.Let's look at the benefits of dark chocolate first up its very nutritious100grams (grab one of our special $5 blocks today online) of our dark chocolate contains around11 grams of fiber67% of the RDI for iron58% of the RDI for magnesium89% of the RDI for...

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World Chocolate Day 2020

World Chocolate Day 2020

World Chocolate Day brings us to celebrate all things chocolate So to do it right you need the best chocolate. Check out our World Chocolate day specials here  

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Chocolate with just Two

Chocolate with just Two

Just Two ingredients is all it takes to make our bean to bar chocolateThat's right two ingredientsCacao and raw Australian cane sugar The cacao in this instance is Papua New Guinea cacao sourced from small farm holdings direct from farmer to our hands to create. It is a creative process...

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