fudgey - Orange Ginger in Dark Chocolate - Hand Made

Calling all adventurous chocoholics! Embark on a taste sensation with the Tasmanian Handmade Orange Ginger Chocolate by Federation Artisan Chocolate. Nestled near the historic town of Richmond, this family-run business crafts a truly unique experience.

A Symphony of Flavours:

  • Zesty & Spicy: This delightful bar fuses the vibrant citrus notes of real orange pieces with a touch of ginger's warming spice, all enveloped in rich, decadent dark chocolate.
  • A Flavourful Journey: Prepare to be surprised! Each bite takes you on a journey, starting with the sweet tang of orange that evolves into a delightful dance of ginger on your tongue.

Real Ingredients, Real Flavour:

  • Authentic Experience: We use real orange and ginger pieces, ensuring you savor the true taste and texture in every mouthful. No artificial flavors here – just pure, handcrafted chocolate magic.

A Must-Try for Chocolate Lovers:

  • Something Special: This one-of-a-kind flavor combination is sure to tantalize your taste buds and leave you wanting more.
  • Premium Tasmanian Quality: Federation Artisan Chocolate uses only the finest ingredients, resulting in a bar that speaks volumes about its quality.

Don't just satisfy your sweet tooth, experience a flavor adventure! Order your Tasmanian Handmade Orange Ginger Chocolate today!