All of our chocolate has a portion which is by them directly from the bean by importing beans from all around the world which gives it a unique and flavoursome character to the chocolate.

Our classic range is suited to the milk and dark flavoured chocolate lover.   While our Premium range provides for the chocolate connoisseur who prefers a higher cacao flavour and is interested in trying cacao bean flavours from around the world.


Classic Range

Milk Chocolate

Coffee Almond
Coffee Liqueur
Apple with a hint of Cinnamon
Licorice Lane
Caramel Nougat
Roasted Cashew
Tasmanian Peppermint Oil
White Delight

Dark Chocolate

Orange Ginger
Orange Seville

Specialty Range - Dark Chocolate

No Added Sugar
Caramel Sea salt
Roasted Coffee Bean
Sugar Free
Chilli & Cinnamon
Australia 70% Cacao

Origin Range

70.1% Dark Cocao

67.4% Dark Cacao

Papua New Guinea
74% Dark Cocao
74% Dark Cacao with organic Cacao Nibs
74% Dark Cacao with Tasman Sea Salk
74% Dark Caco with Tasmanian Mint Oil
74% Dark Cacao with Roasted Tasmanian Hazelnuts
74% Dark Cacao with Tasmanian Walnuts
TWO – Bean to Bar 80% Cocao Dark Chocolate

Milk Chocolate
Rich Milk 46% Cacao (Rich Belgium milk chocolate and Papua New Guinea Dark)