Full Bean Method

Full Bean Method

The team at Federation Artisan Chocolate are committed to ensuring our product uses ingredients that have been grown and made in a sustainable and ethical manner. We carefully follow the supply chain of each ingredient, getting to know where each type of cacao bean is grown, that they have sustainable practices and if they are ethical and fair employers.

No palm oil is used in any of our milk and dark chocolate and we are one of a dozen chocolate makers in the world that use Australian grown cacao beans, the sole chocolate maker in Tasmania.

With the opening of our Hobart artisan chocolate making factory it will enable us to significantly increase the % of our full bean, stoneground chocolate throughout our whole range. We are very proud to have a developed a bar that is 100% made by us using the stoneground full bean method called TWO which is sold through the exclusive website bean.bar.you (url hyperlink https://beanbaryou.com.au/). TWO stands for two ingredients, containing only cacao beans and raw sugar, with no added soy or milk solids. This is particularly important to those that may be soy intolerant.


How do we make stoneground chocolate?

Stage 1 - Cacao Bean Harvesting

The following images show the process of how the Cacao Bean is grown, fermented, sun dried and then sent directly to Federation Artisan Chocolate in Tasmania.

These beans are sourced by us worldwide from countries such as Ghana in West African, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Peru, Ecuador, Madagascar and the Daintree in North Queensland, Australia.


Stage 2 – Making the Chocolate Liquor

Once we received the beans we sort and roast them before removing their husks to create cacao nibs. These nibs are then stone ground for a varying amount of time to create chocolate liquor. In the process of grinding the nibs it releases fat from the cacao creating the chocolate liquid.

This liquor is then aged for various lengths times depending on the flavour that the chocolate maker is aiming for.


How is stoneground chocolate different or better?

When you buy our full bean stoneground chocolate you can feel confident that we have taken the time to give our attention to how the cacao is grown and then made all the way through to our bars and other chocolates.

It is also very exciting that we are able to hand craft our product flavour through the sourcing of our beans. Each bean supplier grows their beans in a different region and microclimate. This then translates into different levels of fat and cacao in the bean, which comes through in the flavour of the chocolate liquor. By then managing the length of aging applied to the liquor we can create some wonderful and unique flavours in our chocolate.

Overall, we make an authentic, less processed and more ethical and sustainable chocolate.