Our Makers

Our Makers

Maurice Curtis - Director and Chocolate Maker


Maurice has always had a very strong love and desire to make chocolate. All starting with him and his fellow primary school classmates being taken on a local chocolate factory tour. At 12 years old he wanted nothing more than to work at a chocolate factory and make chocolate for the rest of his life!

As with a large number of us Maurice first followed a different path, working in electronics, radio, computer programming and health. Until he met Helen and they decided to follow his ultimate dream and buy Federation Chocolate in 2014.

Since then Maurice has worked tirelessly applying his passion and perseverance to learn the mastery of making chocolate. He is the master behind the full bean chocolate method now used at Federation Artisan Chocolate and is living his ultimate dream of sharing his creations and mastery with others, making the world a happier place through chocolate.


Helen Curtis - Director & Chocolatier


There couldn’t be a more perfect partner in chocolate making artistry than Helen. Starting out her career in teaching Maths and Science, Helen moved into running her own business and chocolate making with absolute zest and organisation! A much-loved member of the chocolate making team, Helen can be found working at 3 Victoria Street Hobart in the chocolate making areas as well as passionately talking with customers about their chocolate range at Salamanca Market on a Saturday.