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Wholesale - For your store, café, hotel or restaurant

 Fudgey and Federation Chocolate, begins with the finest ingredients and creates a product that you will be proud to sell in your store, café, hotel or restaurant.

Wholesaling direct from the Chocolate factory to you, our products are fresh, delicious, and appealing to the young and young at heart. Once tasted your customers will be back for more.

 The benefits to you for having Federation Chocolate and Fudgey as apart of your business:

  • Good margins
  • Over 40 Delicious Fudgey Flavours
  • 17 Chocolate Flavours
  • sealed for freshness and has a 6 month from manufacture best before date.
  • Federation Chocolate is available in quality distinct packaging.
  • Fudgey can be supplied either in Gift bags, Bopp See Through bag or Fudgey cardboard gift box.
  • We have found that customers from all over the world are looking to buy quality Tasmanian products.
  • Each Fudgey pack comes with the Taste Tasmanian Stickers as we are proudly Tasmanian.
  • Fudgey is a Brand Tasmania Partner
  • We can supply product cards that can be placed with our products on your shelving.

Contact us today for more detail on our wholesale chocolate and fudge


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