Coatibles - Red Frogs in Milk Chocolate

Coatibles Aussie Adventure: Red Frogs in Milk Chocolate

Get ready for a taste of true blue Aussie nostalgia with Coatibles Aussie Adventure - a delightful fusion of your favourite childhood candy, the iconic Red Frog, dipped in creamy milk chocolate.

A Beloved Treat, Reimagined:

This irresistible snack combines the chewy, deliciousness of the classic Red Frog with a luxurious milk chocolate coating, creating a flavour sensation that's both familiar and exciting.

Unwrap a burst of Aussie fun:

  • Chewy Red Frog Center: The unmistakable taste and texture of the Red Frog you know and love.
  • Creamy Milk Chocolate: A delightful milk chocolate coating that complements the Red Frog's fruity flavour and adds a touch of creamy indulgence.
  • Aussie Icon, Elevated: Experience your favourite childhood candy reimagined for a whole new generation of snackers.

Coatibles Aussie Adventure is the ideal:

  • Nostalgic Treat: Relive your childhood memories with this delightful twist on a classic candy.
  • Aussie Party Favour: Add a touch of Aussie fun to any gathering.
  • Lunchbox Surprise: A unique and exciting addition to any lunchbox.
  • Gift for Expats: Share a taste of home with friends and family overseas.

Take a bite of Aussie fun with Coatibles Aussie Adventure!