fudgey - Organic Cacao Nibs - Origin Peru - 250gram

This product boasts exceptional flavor and is free from gluten, animal products, and added sugars. We source our cacao from Junin, Peru, just a stone's throw from the Amazon Jungle, where it is grown organically by local farming families who have a deep connection to the land.

Cacao, also known as Theobroma cacao, is the source of natural chocolate and is considered a superfood due to its unique phytonutrients, including high levels of sulfur, magnesium, and phenylethylamine. These nutrients provide various benefits, such as increased focus and alertness, while also promoting a positive mood. Cacao nibs even contain more antioxidants than tea, wine, blueberries, and goji berries, with flavonoids being the key component responsible for this benefit.

There are numerous ways to incorporate cacao nibs into your diet, such as making your own chocolate, blending them into smoothies for an antioxidant boost and chocolatey flavor, using them as a sugar-free and nutrient-rich substitute for chocolate chips in recipes, adding them to ice cream, or sprinkling them on your favorite breakfast cereal.

Overall, this product offers a delicious and healthy option for chocolate lovers who prioritize environmental sustainability and dietary restrictions.