Coatibles - Marshmallow Softies - Milk Chocolate

Coatibles Marshmallow Softies Dipped in Milk Chocolate

Drift away on a cloud of pure indulgence ourCoatibles Marshmallow softies- a delightful marriage of soft, fluffy marshmallows in two irresistible flavors, smothered in rich milk chocolate.

A Dream Come True for Marshmallow Lovers:

This heavenly treat features pillowy-soft marshmallows in both classic vanilla and luscious raspberry flavours, each dipped in a luxurious milk chocolate coating. It's the perfect harmony of textures and tastes, creating a truly dreamy snacking experience.

Unwrap a mouthful of marshmallow magic:

  • Double the Flavor Fun: Choose between pillowy-soft vanilla marshmallows or delightful raspberry marshmallows, both dipped in creamy milk chocolate.
  • Rich Milk Chocolate: A luxurious milk chocolate coating that complements the marshmallow's fluffy texture and adds a touch of decadent sweetness.
  • Softness You Can Sink Into: Indulge in the pillowy-soft texture of our marshmallows, a delightful contrast to the crisp chocolate shell.

Coatibles Marshmallow softies is the ideal:

  • Anytime Treat: A delightful indulgence for any time of day.
  • Movie Night Must-Have: Elevates your movie night snacking to a whole new level of comfort and cozy vibes.
  • Gift Idea: The perfect gift for any marshmallow lover or someone who deserves a little moment of pure indulgence.
  • Afternoon Pick-Me-Up: The soft, fluffy marshmallows and creamy chocolate will leave you feeling happy and satisfied.

Escape to a world of marshmallowy bliss with Coatibles Marshmallow softies!