Coatibles - Barbeque Chips in Milk Chocolate

Limited Edition - Coatibles Barbeque Blitz: A Bold Encounter for Adventurous Snackers!

Craving a flavour explosion that pushes boundaries? Look no further than Coatibles Barbeque Blitz - a daring combination of smoky barbeque chips and creamy milk chocolate for a truly unforgettable snacking experience!

Get ready for a flavor adventure:

  • Tangy Barbeque Chips: Our classic barbeque chips deliver a burst of smoky, savory goodness you crave.
  • Creamy Milk Chocolate: A luxurious milk chocolate coating that creates a surprising yet delightful contrast to the barbeque's tang.
  • Bold and Unexpected: Perfect for those who enjoy a unique and adventurous flavor profile.

Coatibles Barbeque Blitz is for the snackers who:

  • Love a challenge: This is not your average chip! Embrace the unexpected flavour fusion.
  • Crave sweet and savoury: Experience the perfect balance of sweet and smoky for a truly unique taste sensation.
  • Enjoy sharing: Surprise your friends and family with this conversation-starting snack.
  • Aren't afraid to be bold: Coatibles Barbeque Blitz is for those who embrace a little adventure in their snacking routine.

Dare to try the unexpected with Coatibles Barbeque Blitz!