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Ethical chocolate and why your taste buds will thank you

Ok first thing, for those that are scared by the term "Vegan Friendly", for us it just means Dark chocolate.

So if you like dark chocolate, you'll love our "Vegan Friendly Dark Chocolate."

We are all about making premium flavourful chocolate ordering from us might just be the best thing you do today.

Also Vegan friendly chocolate is not just helping your animal friends, but its also good for the planet.

Here's why people say our Vegan friendly chocolate is ah-mazing -

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  • "This chocolate is not ordinary, its extraordinary. "
  • "I always look for chocolate my girl friend can enjoy. She is on a Vegan diet and loves your dark chocolate."
  • "Ordered on Monday, delivered on Thursday, thank you for the amazing speed and turnaround of our order"
  • Federation Chocolate is Premium chocolate maker, with fantastic flavour, made from lightly roasted Cacao beans so you get the full amount of goodness and health benefits of cacao.
  • We Direct source our beans from farmers and cacao communities where the farmer and their communities get the line share of the income for their work.
  • Our farmers look after their environment with beans grown organically with partner plantings and not using pesticides or herbicides.
  • Always paying a fair and community building price for cacao beans
  • Our Dark chocolate, does not contain fillers or palm oils, just cacao and Australian cane sugar. We will NEVER use milk or animal products when making our dark chocolate.
  • Gluten Free? YES . Helen our Head Chocolatier and Director of the business suffers from Celiac disease, and understands why Gluten free is so important.
  • Vegan Friendly? YES When we make our dark chocolate we just use two ingredients, Cacao and Australian cane sugar. No Animal products, no Palm oil, no fillers.
  • Low Sugar, No Added Sugar and sugar free? YES . Since we make chocolate we can have as much or as little sugar as needed to make our chocolate amazing.
  • Australian Owned, Australian Made with the use of Australian ingredients where ever we can.

Still not convinced our chocolate is amazing?

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Your can support an Australian Family business, other Australian producers and small family cacao farmers just by ordering our Federation Chocolate.

Thank you 

Maurice and Helen Curtis

 Thank you from Maurice, Helen and Rose