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We are very excited to announce our latest addition to our Origin range of Chocolate

Origin Australia

Made from Australian grown Cocoa Beans, sugar and milk. Grown in Far north Queensland our chocolate is highly sought after with a rich Cocoa flavour and a fruity hit. 

We love to support Australian Farmers and producers and how better then to add this chocolate as a highlight of the best we have on offer.

Federation Artisan Chocolate

We are very proud to support our Australian farmers and cacoa industry with our New addition to our Origin range of Chocolate - Australian grown cacao 100% Australian made. 70% dark and milk chocolate.
Cacao grown in far north Queensland

• Unique
• Rare...
• Sustainable
• Rich and decadent
• Dark and Milk varieties
• 100% Australian Grown Cacao
• 100% Australian grown sugar
• 100% Australian Milk Products
• 100% Australian Made